William and the Windmill

a feature length documentary film

Following the award-winning short film Moving Windmills, the feature-length documentary William and the Windmill tells the story of how William Kamkwamba built a power-generating windmill from junk parts to rescue his family from famine, as well as the subsequent changes in his life and village as a result of his invention.

About the production:

William and the Windmill is currently in post-production, with an expected premiere date in early 2013. Directed and produced by Ben Nabors, and shot across several continents, the film documents William Kamkwamba’s journey beginning with the TEDGlobal Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, through his college attendance in the United States in 2011.

The original documentary short, Moving Windmills, directed by Scott Thrift, produced by Ben Nabors and Executive Produced by Tom Rielly, debuted at the worldwide live film festival Pangea Day in May, 2008. There, the short received the North American Filmmaker’s Award from Participant Media, producers of An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night and Good Luck, Food, Inc., Charlie Wilson’s War and North Country. In addition, the film won recognition from the Cinema Prosperité competition, sponsored by the Seven Fund.

William and the Windmill will share William’s inspiring and complex story with audiences worldwide, sparking initiatives to improve their difficult circumstances. What if a whole nation, a whole continent—the whole world—were exposed to his dramatic accomplishments?

As with all great stories, William’s is quickly growing to engage and involve people around the world. Although William’s story is rooted in Africa and the problems facing his local community, the film looks at issues that affect us all: education, food production, energy, cultural transition, and international development.